K.C., a/k/a CH Ice Caps Crowns King of Pauper, was our second Finkie and our first male who also came to live with us from Ice Caps. He has that devilish look in his eye, but is more easy going than Cisco. In his first show with competition at the age of not quite 8 months, KC was awarded Best of Winners for his first points and a major win. In his next show at the age of 9 months, he earned an additional point by defeating the number one ranked Finnish Spitz in the United States in the Best of Breed competition. KC repeated this feat his first weekend out as a "special" just before his second birthday. And in his first appearance at the Westminster Kennel Club 2003 show at Madison Square Garden, KC received the one Award of Merit in breed competition at just two years old. KC has retired from the show ring and enjoys his life of leisure.
KC's Pedigree

CH Crowns Joulu Marjukka, fondly known as "Maja", is a Cisco daughter with a completely different temperament from her mother. While retaining her mom's beauty and movement, Maja is the cuddler in the family and loves to be held. She is a gentle soul who enjoys playing with the pups and kittens. She is an example of the slow maturation that is often seen in the breed. Because she continued to look like a young pup until she was nearly two years old, we held her back from showing until she finally showed some maturity. It was gratifying to see the potential we saw in her as pup borne out in the ring. In her first major competition in February, 2005 she waltzed into the ring in Denver and came away with 10 of the 15 points needed for her championship title. Two of those wins were four point majors earned by going Best of Opposite Sex over the bitch specials. In addition, like her mom she consistently produced beautiful pups for us regardless of the sire. She has done everything we could have asked of her, and now spends most of her time keeping everyone else in our household in line.
Maja's Pedigree

Ariana a/k/a CH Crowns Icecaps Ariana, is the spittin' image of her lovely mom, Cisco, at the same age with more red in her coat! A character in her own right, Ariana loves the show ring. She finished her AKC championship run in a stunning three week time frame at the age of 13 months by picking up fourteen points, including two major wins, to add to her earlier single points. Ariana is retired and happily remains the ruling queen in the Collins household in Colorado. But we see her fiery temperament in her grandpups!
Ariana's Pedigree

Crowns Chili Pepper ("Pepper") earned her special place in our hearts in a much different fashion. Due to a birthing accident, Pepper lost her right front leg. For the first few days we were not sure she was going to be with us for long. But her indomitable spirit and will to live ruled the day. She learned to walk and fight her way through with the other pups and survived a very difficult surgery at five months of age to repair as much of the damage as possible for the long term. She is a beautiful girl who runs with the other dogs, hops in and out of the swimming pool all summer, and refuses to allow herself to be anything other than normal. In addition to her beauty she has a sweet personality that makes her a favorite with anyone that meets her. She had two litters for us and now reigns over the other Finns in her home with the de los Santos family in Ponder, TX including one of her sons.
Pepper's Pedigree

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