GCH CH Finkkila's Nalle Poika, affectionately known as "Ville", comes to us from the Walkers. The son of a Finnish import, American and multi-European championships Katajahaan Nalle, Ville brings additional genetic diversity to our lines. We fell in love with him when we first saw him at nine weeks old and he has not disappointed. A sweet, loving personality combined with the air of the devil about him makes every day interesting! He is the ultimate bed dog, and doesn't care if he is the only one in it.

The potential we saw in him as a pup is now very apparent. In his first show at the FSCA 2007 national specialty Ville trotted into the ring and walked away with the Best Puppy in Sweeps and Winners Dog awards. He completed the cycle by being awarded Best In Specialty at the 2012 FSCA National Specialty show.

Ville finished 2012 as the #1 Finnish Spitz in the country. He is a multi group winning dog and has been awarded Reserve Best In Show on two occasions. He was the second Finnish Spitz in the US to achieve his AKC Grand Championship title and he remains the highest ranked Finnish Spitz in the US in grand champion points. His sound structure and movement come through in his pups and grandpups, and we are having fun watching them grow. We are so grateful to the many judges who have recognized his attributes. And our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Brian Livingston and his crew for the love and support they've provided to our boy. We're looking forward to 2013! You can follow Ville's 2013 progress through our Facebook page.
Ville's Pedigree

CH Pyrakka Nasse is the culmination of our dream to import a puppy from Finland in order to strengthen the health and genetic diversity behind our lines. Eighteen months before his arrival, we started searching for dogs in Finland whose conformation would complement the type we are breeding here. We then began many months of correspondance with Finnish breeders that resulted in an email informing me that one of the studs we were interested in had just been bred to a very nice bitch. Twenty weeks later our friend, Ernie Lloyd at Ice Caps, boarded a plane for Finland and returned with our lovely boy. Ernie and Nancy co-own him with us and he continues to reside with them. When he started his show career he chalked up 12 points of the 15 points needed for his AKC championship in short order including three major wins. We were thrilled that he was awarded Best Puppy in Sweeps, Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the FSCA 2006 supported entry held in Spokane, WA. Our thanks to Antero Valkama for entrusting this boy to us!
Nasse's Pedigree

CH Crowns Finlandia Paavo is the result of another one of our outcross ventures. We were thrilled to learn in 2005 that a girl from Finland would be coming to the Dallas area on a short term basis. Her "dad" was amenable to having her bred and she delivered six beautiful pups in February 2007. Paavo, who is from that litter, reminds us so much of his mom, Pimu. He has grown into a lovely boy with the long legs, long tail and elegant neck that is so characteristic of Pimu. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Sakari Hietala who made this litter possible.
Paavo's Pedigree

Crowns Katariina ("Riina") is better known as the "Wild Thing!" With her boundless energy, fearless nature and nose for trouble she constantly keeps us on our toes. If there is trouble to be had, Riina can be found there. Needless to say, nothing about the show ring intimidates this girl. In her first show at the tender age of seven months she immediately picked up three points towards her championship. At the same time, when she burns enough energy to calm down for awhile, she has a sweet nature and can't wait for her cuddles and kisses. Riina had her first litter recently and was a great mom who produced some beautiful babies with Paavo.

CH Crowns Rohkea ("Roki") is a littermate to Riina and loves to followup on any trouble his sister finds. He is always ready to explore, loves the water and immediately heads for the pool whenever he goes out back. On his own, he finds less trouble than Riina and has an easygoing temperament. In his first show weekend, also at seven months, he stunned all of us by being awarded Winners Dog for his first major win. With his fearlessness and laid back style, he also is having fun exploring the sport of agility.

Crowns Aurora Borealis ("Aurora") is our newest addition from a breeding between Riina and Paavo. We definitely got the best of both parents in this girl. Like her mom, Aurora is not afraid of anything but Paavo's laid back nature tempered Riina's wildness. She loves the show ring and runs to the door on days she believes she is headed to a show. She is the first dog we've had here who also loves the bathing part and thinks that water is just the greatest toy. But there is a big dose of sweetness from both parents and she is a joy to have around. We look forward to watching her grow up.

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