Welcome to Crowns Finnish Spitz! With their fox-like appearance, lively expression and quick, light gait the Finnish Spitz is a beautiful dog by any standard. Their gorgeous plume tails are considered the "crown" of these stunning dogs. Ever increasing in popularity, the Finnish Spitz originated as a hunting dog in Finland. As the national dog of Finland, this breed has long been recognized in Scandinavian countries but was not imported to the United States until 1959 with the first breeding in the 1960's. Although still relatively rare, in recent years this beautiful breed is more in demand in the U.S. due to its mild temperament, shimmering red-gold coat that requires only minimal human maintenance, stature, intelligence and affectionate nature.

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We are proud to be owned by these truly magnificent dogs. We strive to show and breed superior "Finkies" that are excellent representatives of the AKC standard and display wonderful natural character and temperament. We breed first for health, conformation, temperament and the show ring. Our policy of placing only superior pups in show homes means that many of our babies become loving pets. This policy has resulted in success in the show ring. Pups from here have gone Winners Dog, Best in Sweeps, Reserve Winners Dog, and Reserve Winners Bitch at national specialties and received an Award of Merit. In addition, we now have seventeen home bred AKC champions! We focus on quality rather than quantity, and as a result we breed on average only one litter each year. The love and care our puppies receive their first ten weeks serves them well both in the ring and in their new homes.

images by Dearil: Springfield NonSporting &emdash; Finkkila's Nalle Poike (1)Our passion for this beautiful breed also means extensive involvement in the AKC parent club for the breed in the US, the Finnish Spitz Club of America. I have served as club Secretary, parliamentarian, webmaster, national specialty show chair, supported entry co-ordinator, Treasurer and Chair of the Health and Genetics committee. Our ability to track potential health issues in lines was limited until 2004 when I founded the Finnish Spitz Pedigree website. We can now trace most of our dogs through many generations going back to their Finnish ancestry. With our passion for the future health of the breed, we support and work actively with the Finnish Spitz Health Network Inc and I currently serve as President of that organization. On the local side, I am one of the founding members of the North Texas Non-Sporting Association, a limited breed club devoted to the Non-Sporting breeds-- including the Finnish Spitz-- in North Texas.

But our dogs remain first and foremost loving companions. They are our best friends and reside in our beds, on our furniture and at our table. We welcome inquiries from those who are interested in making a Finkie a part of your family. And please feel free to explore our site and learn more about the foxy, faithful Finnish Spitz! You'll find photos tucked away everywhere and we hope you enjoy them. We're happy you stopped by for a visit.

Diane & Shelby Helland

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